Why Does Izzy Even Need a List?

Technically, I don't.  This list is not so much for me as it is for my customers.  The full perm market has been having a lot of issues lately with fraudulent items being sold on the Marketplace.  This hurts our business, and leaves our customers bewildered.  Who is safe to buy from, and who isn't?  How is a newer customer to know?
A seasoned customer will have no trouble with this.  They can spot a fake seller quickly and will be the first to contact the real seller.  But those newer to the scene don't know what to look for.  So I am hoping to provide a resource to them.
Izzy's Legit List will be a place where you can come and look for legit places to shop, or to just find new stores from real full perm creators.
So don't risk it!  If you're not sure, check the list.  If they aren't on the list and you don't have friends who are familiar with the Market and can give you good advice, I don't mind if you IM me in world to ask what I think.  I can't guarantee you a safe purchase, but I can offer you this list, and a second pair of eyes.
Creator Application
If you are a full perm creator, please submit your information to be added to Izzy's Legit List.  Thanks so much!!!

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